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Lash Fact or Fiction: Misconceptions in the lash industry

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

As a lash artist, we all have heard tips or learned what we should or should not do in the Lashing. Leaving us wondering if what we heard or have been taught is actually true information.

Here are a few misconceptions in the Lash industry that we will prove is either fact or fiction.

1). Eyelash extensions are a one-size fits all service.

Fiction: There are no two people with the same natural lashes and eye shape. Some clients might have healthy strong full lashes which can withstand a thicker diameter lash extension or mega volume. While others have thin, fragile, sparse natural lashes that requires a smaller diameter and less volume.

2). Nano misting after an eyelash treatment will cause shock polymerisation if not used correctly.

Fact: When using a Nano Mister, never apply it immediately to the finished set of lash extensions. Doing so, will shock the adhesive causing it to polymerise and turn the extensions white at the base. Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes after set is completed, then mist the extensions using a ruler length distance between the mister and eye. This will keep you from applying to much moisture to the extensions.

3). Cleansing and priming before lash treatment is not necessary.

Fiction: This is a very important step to all lash treatments. The cleanser helps to clean any oils, makeup and protein from the lashes. The primer contains a high percentage of water which adds moisture to the lashes. It will also help increase the retention time and drying time.

4). Learning any new technique takes time & practice.

Fact: In order to master any technique, it takes dedication and being consistent with practicing. Practice, Practice, Practice. Do not rush the process but instead, evaluate your mistakes and see what you can do to make it better. Always seek opportunities to level up your knowledge and training.

By Chantee Collins

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