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VIP Membership

A membership App just for our VIP's.
What you get...
1) Early release of Lash Inc International (Be the first to see each new edition).
2) Discounts on Verification & Accreditation
3) Back Issues of Lash Inc International and samples issues of other regions.
4) Private Facebook group for business mentoring. 
5) Mini- Courses added every week. 
6) Links to partners FREE courses. 

7) Instagram marketing videos.

8) Founder Vlog

9) Influencer interviews.

Plus much more...
Monthly at £5.99 with a  Free Trial.
No commitment. 


Lash Inc Magazine

Lash Inc is 'The' Lash Industry Magazine for Lash Artists.

Lash Inc is available worldwide and has regional versions available in the following regions...

United Kingdom  ,Spain  ,
USA / Canada  & International, Croatia,
Bulgaria, Australasia, Italy, France

Click on the links above to subscribe to the digital editions.
Print copies are available from Amazon or from Regional Distributors. 

Join our Mailing List to get a FREE copy of Lash Inc International, UK or USA / Canada directly to your inbox when it's published. 


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