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Lash Pro Contest 2019: Lash Art Online

1st place winner:

Helena Derheim

I am a lash artist, but I also studied the History of Arts and that's my hobby - ART. I started to

draw as a little girl. My mom showed me all the basics and I loved it! After school I started to study education and the history of arts. I learned new ways to paint. My favourite theme is portraits although not realistic ones. I think the idea behind the face shows the soul of a person, this is the one thing that shows how the person naturally is.

Now I'm a Lash Artist and Lash Art is my favourite form of art. The base of my work is the acrylic painting as the background. It sets the colours for the whole work. The Lashes have two different blue colours, with red and white highlights. The glitter and the little Swarovski stones let the eyes shine.

My costume is the Body Art. Because this represent my hobby and passion. The aim was so that my model would merge with the painting. Or is she the painting?

Art, full body, body paint, photography, beauty, lashes

2nd place:

Anna Wanner

When I got to know that the topic for the Lash Pro Contest was 'Hobbies' I had a clear vision and the perfect pictures in my mind. My customer is a really passionate Biker.

eyes, design
Anna Wanner

She always tells me how awesome her hobby is and you can see how she feels by that huge enthusiasm in her eyes. With this hobby you can be surrounded by nature and enjoy the fresh air.

Biker, Motorbike, girl, beauty, fashion, photography, lashes

After an exhausting day you just sit on your motorcycle, set off and forget about all your daily worries. You feel the unconditional freedom! The beautiful landscapes you get to see, it's just perfect. In the photo is a great machine which matches with the colours. Just a lovely hobby!

make up, photoshoot, model

3rd Place:

Koshie Iles

I chose "Horse Riding" as my hobby, I used blue .07 C curl in x3 different tones of blue. I also used Brown colour lashes mixed in to tie in with the horse. Makeup and Lashes where done by myself and I had someone else do the photography.

I used recycled material for the costume made the accessories and hat decorations. The horse was a friends. Horse riding is elegant and healing. You get a lot of stress relief by just being around a horse. I chose to have the model dressed in a big elegant dress to capture this feeling.

By Alena Skodic

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