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6 Tips on How to: Write Catchy Instagram Captions

If you are not doing something to improve your online presence, then you are definitely a step behind your competitors. One of the greatest avenues for marketing is using Instagram to market your products or services. You need to create interesting captions to push your brand.

Here are my 6 tips to help you come up with the coolest Instagram captions:

Include an Interesting Story

People are most likely looking for entertainment whenever they login to their Instagram accounts. Telling a story will draw more attention to a bigger audience. Ensure that you do not use too many words, else the readers will not have a second look at your post. Make your story easy to understand and enjoyable to capture your target market.

Use a Few Relevant Hashtags

As much as we want to promote our services or business to a bigger audience within social media, too many hashtags might give the impression of spamming. The best thing is to identify the most relevant hashtags, and also come up with your own. Do not limit yourself to placing your hashtags at the end of the post. You can carefully integrate them throughout your post without spamming. Instead of using popular hashtags such as #happy or #love, focus on hashtags that are specific to your audience.

Lashes, Eyelashes

Make Good Use of Emojis

Most of us will barely finish a sentence without including an emoji. As much as they make communication more interesting, overusing emojis can work to your disadvantage. Just like the use of hashtags, the kind of emojis you choose need to be on point in terms of relating to your line of products or services. The wrong use of emojis can ruin your content if they are not correctly placed or if they don’t relate to your brand.

Avoid Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

This might seem obvious or not necessary, but grammar and spelling mistakes might put off your audience. You need to remember that your post is being read by people from all professions and ages around the world. The things that you consider little might make the deal breaker when it comes to attracting your target audience. Always go through your captions before posting to ensure that they have no spelling mistakes and are grammatically correct.

Make Quick and Understandable Sentences

Nobody enjoys reading long sentences to get a message out of it. Using quick and punchy sentences will make your captions more readable and interesting. However, be careful not to create short sentences that are vague. Even if you are trying to create some humour out of it, it might go unnoticed if the reader fails to understand them.

Include a Call-To-Action

The main aim of creating Instagram captions is to make your brand more popular. You need to include a call-to-action to encourage your audience to not only scroll through your post but also like and share if they find it funny or interesting. Your call-to-action should not sound like a sales pitch.

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By Mary Jean Javier


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