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Lash technician, lash artist, lash master! by Katie Godfrey

This is an interesting subject which raises a mixture of opinions. What do you call yourself? What do you claim to be? Let’s get this right though as no one gives us this title. It is what we choose to call ourselves or what others in the industry kindly put forward. These are my opinions and views on this subject:

Lash Technicians: 

We are all lash technicians, whether you have completed a one day course, been doing them for years or you are an award winning technician. This is what we are! After completing a semi permanent eyelash course, this is the job title you receive.

Lash Artists: 

I believe and this is just my opinion that a lash artist is the title given after you have completed your Russian volume course. When students train with me for their Russian volume course, I always say to them that I’m turning a lash technician into a lash artist. Why? Because I am teaching them such an advanced technique. I’m teaching them how to style the eye, how to use the lashes to the safety of the natural lash. Plus everything else my course entails.

You might know and hear about lash technicians who have completed a Russian volume course and are not continuing with how they were taught in their training and are just doing their own thing. This does not make you a lash artist.

When attending a training course always ensure you take on board what the educator is telling you and put it into action when you go live on clients. Don’t just do one eyelash course and think you are done with all of your training. Go on many courses and choose courses conducted by lash artists that inspire you. Travel if you have to, don’t just choose the first and nearest course you find.

Each eyelash course you attend you will learn new techniques and methods. Even if that’s just one or two tips, you will be able to improve your sets each time! I highly recommend training at least once a year with someone new or even a refresher course with the company you use. Techniques and products are changing all the time, so it’s very important to keep fresh and current. This will also place you above the competition.

Last Master:

Now this is a huge one, so what is a lash master? Personally I feel someone should have this title once they have been lashing for a number of years and have participated in numerous training courses. All of their work is exceptional every time and they have won several awards. Someone that knows the lash industry inside out and whatever question is thrown at them they are able to answer without any struggle. Someone you look up to in the industry and is a role model who inspires you.

I also feel this is a great title for lash artists who are all of the above but have chosen to step down from their columns and now either teach, judge in competitions or anything else similar. Even though that person might not lash anymore they still have that skill forever and have managed all my above points, their title should always stay with them.

I would love to hear your views on this topic and what you feel is a lash technician, lash artist or lash master.

Katie Godfrey

CEO at KG Professional & KG Salons

Instagram - @kgsalon

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