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Creating Seasonal Lash Sets by Michelle Rath

Creating seasonal lash sets to enhance your social media

Keeping your social media fresh and crisp is no mean feat.

One way which worked well for me is to create art to celebrate the things that you and your followers are passionate about.

You could use various themes such as holidays, festivals, social issues, or even just celebrate the season - the possibilities are endless.

Colourful, themed art keeps your followers engaged, and can also bring a whole new clientele through your doors – people love pictures.

Summer is my favourite time of the year, so sunshine is the theme of this set.

I have used brown and gold lashes to bring out the gold flecks in this client’s eyes. 

Every June, the LGBT+ community comes together across the world to celebrate Pride Month.

This community is near and dear to my heart, so I have created a rainbow set to show my support.

Love is Love.

Michelle Rath

Lash Inc Senior Journalist

Sinful Lashes

Instagram - @sinful_lashes

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