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Bringing your product to life by Nikki Huebner

April 2, 2018-11 months after launching my company, Endure Beauty-better known in the lash extension world as Endure lash! Here I am, writing my very first contribution to Lash Inc. International Magazine, and displaying my very own chosen interviewee for the globally recognised publication!

Wow! This journey has been surreal, it has flown by quickly, continues to thrive, with equal challenges and successes along the way, such is life, right? I’ve met some amazing artist in the lash and beauty industry, but when I thought about the perspective I wanted to bring to my first ever story, I wanted it to stand out, but still benefit the lash artist reading my column.

Most people that know me already understand that I like to be different, side swipe you with how my brain is thinking, which is always outside of the box! So instead of tracking down the celebrity lash artist to interview, or the latest trend to write about in the industry, I chose Ben Stern, the 18-year-old founder and CEO of Nohbo! Yes, he’s 18 years old, that’s not a typo!

Nohbo, is an eco-friendly personal care company, that’s been featured on TV shows such as Shark Tank and has been on the radar of the prestigious Forbes Magazine. So why Ben? How does he fit into this whole lash world? It’s quite simple, he’s an entrepreneur, an innovator, and he’s helping me, also an entrepreneur and innovator, reach the full potential of my next product to launch, Endure Organic Under Eye Gel Therapy Pads! I searched high and low for months before finding Ben.

I had already pitched my idea for the gel pads to multiple suppliers and manufacturers who either denied me, or politely just tried to sell me a private label of an eye patch they were already creating. I refused, I had a vision in my head that I knew could help the lash industry, raise revenues for lash artist, and innovate and upgrade the current lash services in general. When I pitched my idea to Ben, he paused, then with his boy like charm and young raspy voice, he replied, “I can give it a shot!” And that’s the positivity this world, and this booming lash industry needs! If you as the lash artist, have an idea, go for it, give it a try, don’t let fear ruin you!

Here I am, I’m not a lash artist, I’m continually learning from artists around the world, and I’m helping to broaden the industry offerings in every way I know how! It’s being patient, persistent, and partnering with courageous and crafty people like, Ben Stern, that can help you stay positive, create, and innovate! I hope you enjoy this interview just as much as I did! He may be young, but he’s got the right attitude and determination to make it big in the world!

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it-say yes, then learn how to do it later!” -Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group

  1. Tell us a little bit about Nohbo. How did you come up with the concept behind the company?

Nohbo, founded in 2014, was created to eliminate excess plastic waste in showers worldwide. After watching documentary’s covering the ins and outs of the plastic bottling industry, and hearing that 4 out of 5 people admit they don’t consistently recycle any items from their bathroom, I knew I wanted to tackle this challenge.

I’m not a fan of the philosophy reducing, reusing and recycling, since replacing all around seems to be the most effective option. Hence, Nohbo was born. Nohbo Drops are a single use water-soluble pod for a variety of personal care products. They eliminate excess waste, and one Drop instantly melts in your hands to reveal a luscious solution of shampoo. Back in September of 2017, we opened Nohbo Labs to assist in not only making and bringing my product to market, but also to help other young entrepreneurs with simple or challenging projects bring their products to market in the beauty and personal care space!

  1. How old were you when you first started inventing? Were you one of those little boys building your own creative outlets with Legos, mixing up food in the kitchen, or cosmetics and cleaners in the bathroom to create a new version of something?

I have been inventing for as long as I can remember. I used to be the kid who bought loads of materials from Michaels, carving all day long to make a prototype of an invention. My product started out by creating a mess in the kitchen with a bunch of different ingredients ordered, scavenged through for hours, after researching wiki pages online. It’s truly the best (and most frugal) way to start.

  1. What’s been the biggest hurdle so far?

My biggest hurdle is having enough time in the day to make sure my product is growing, alongside dealing with all the other customer inquiries, and overseeing firsthand the Nohbo Drop’s growth in the hotel market. I hate, hate, hate getting behind, and with a heavy workload sometimes, it gets extremely hard to keep up. Fortunately, I have the absolute best team backing me and helping to grow Nohbo in the best trajectory towards success...

  1. What’s been your most interesting project?

Ha-ha, we take on a lot of projects that many factory’s and laboratory’s turn down. It’s sort of like a mini Shark Tank, since I get the luxury of seeing new projects firsthand pre-release all the time. We’ve worked on these Endure Organic Eye Pads for you, which has been something new, and fun to make in the lab. We’ve also worked on a deodorant that lasts up to 7 days, so our spectrum is broad. And of course, the Nohbo Drops has been the most time-consuming and personally exciting project for me to create to date.

  1. What’s been your greatest success so far?

Opening the Labs’ {} was my greatest success so far. It’s such a rewarding feeling to see other people’s products go from the lab, to production, to sales. I consider each undertaking our baby, and when we commit to a new project, we recognize the undertaking, and how each product’s success is directly related to our ability to follow through with our commitments. Also, developing the Nohbo Drop has been extremely exciting, and a whirlwind of hurdles/accomplishments. Lastly, our appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank impacted me and the company greatly, especially when we secured the investment from notable investor Mark Cuban.

  1. I obviously have chosen you to help me create and formulate the newest Endure Beauty Product, the Organic Under Eye Gel Therapy Pads, set to launch May 10th, because I immediately noticed you brought a fresh perspective to the table! What other offering do you bring to the beauty and cosmetic world in general?

Thank you, it has truly been a pleasure to work with you. I think Nohbo Labs ventures into territories where others avoid, due to the initial challenge and time constraints it takes to launch a product. We cater to small entrepreneurs, and like to grow with them, offering low Minimum Order Quantities. We believe our partners jobs should only be to focus on growing and selling the product, over having to worry about the back-end logistics. We offer the capabilities to take that over, so you can grow the company and have an impact in the industry you cater too.

  1. On average how long does it take someone to go from concept to reality when they come to you with an idea?

It really depends on the complexity of the product. Some private label companies can form and start selling in a matter of weeks, while other projects take thousands of hours of research and development. Typical personal care products take 3-4 weeks to formulate and a 3-4 week to do a production run. I’ve seen it take anywhere between 2-6+ months overall.

  1. Tell me a little about your quality of standards your company finds most important regarding ingredients, or preservatives, etc...

95% of our clientele values the natural claim and aims for USDA organic wherever possible. Nohbo Labs is a cruelty free facility, and sources vegan alternatives when available. Ingredients and the quality thereof mean everything to a product, and can make a huge difference on the quality, consistency, and overall user experience a product has on the end consumer.

  1. What’s the next big thing for Nohbo?

Nohbo Drops is launching retail packs this July! I’m personally excited to see it come to market very very soon!

  1. If a lash artist has an idea and wants to connect with you to help them create a new project, how can they find you?

See the contact information below:

Benjamin Stern CEO and Founder of Nohbo, LLC (425) 223-0705 Melbourne, Florida

The Endure Under Eye Gel Therapy Pads that Ben and I have been working on will be launching May 10, 2018, Chyler’s Birthday! They will serve as an upgrade to a lash service, or they can be retailed at any beauty location for the consumer to treat themselves at home! Innovation doesn’t have to be a person of a certain culture, age, religion, or status. Innovation comes from the person within, the person with a goal, a mission, a calling, and a passion. So yes, I chose an 18-year-old passionate innovator and creator for my next big Endure Beauty Project, because he wasn’t afraid to ENDURE next to me in my MISSION! Choose from your heart, make the business markers work, adapt, choose to see past the exterior of anyone, and you will be lead in the direction you were meant to go….With Love, Endure in Pink! XX

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