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The Worlds First 24 Hour (Online) Lash Conference

Our dear friend Gabriella who has Multiple sclerosis has inspired the Lash Community through her own fundraising. Her friends in the Community decided to come together to create awareness for this disease. All money raised will be donated and split between various MS causes and together we hope to make a small difference. The Worlds First 24 Hour - Online - Lash Conference on 23rd Oct 2018 On Word Lash Day.

For a donation of ...

£150 equivalent to roughly ($199 USD) you will receive access to the 24 hour marathon conference, 48 speakers over a 24 hour period, it will be on various Lash Education topics from some amazing speakers. You will have access to the videos for 1 month.

Any other donations, even £1 can make a difference. If everyone on this list donated only £1 we would raise over £30,000 !!!

*Please note, donations of less than £150 will not receive access to the conference but your donation will be received with thanks.

This is an event not to be missed!!

All our love to our dear friend and all those fighting MS xxx

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