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New software launches to elevate training and patch testing standards in beauty industry

good to glo

New software launches to elevate training and patch testing standards in beauty industry

New, purpose-built software has launched to help the beauty industry elevate training requirements and standardise patch testing for treatments.

good to glo, founded by beauty enthusiast Ruth Sullivan, has created a simplified, digital patch testing process for beauty salons and customers alike, which will eliminate the need for customers to frequently undergo the same test at different salons and remove the hurdle when booking last minute appointments. The platform will offer a ‘patch test passport’ through a network of good to glo salons as well as scientifically-backed training to help beauty professionals.

Ruth, who has a background in business development and marketing, founded good to glo following her own frustrations in the lack of patch testing standards in the industry. She said: “Beauty treatments such as eyebrow shaping, tinting or lash lifts are such an accessible luxury. I’m a huge fan of how they have the power to make people feel more confident.

“However, I was getting increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t share patch test results between the salons I visit – particularly when trying to book somewhere last minute for an event or holiday. I remember being stood in a high-street salon, as the beautician trawled through a huge notebook full of hand-written updates to try and find records of my last patch test with them. At that point – frustrated as I was just hoping for a quick eyebrow tint, but understanding the importance of tests – I just knew there must be an easier, digitised way of doing this. I went home and started working on good to glo immediately.

“As customers we understand how incredibly important it is for salons to carry out these health and safety tests, but I knew there must be a more efficient solution.”

Partnering with chemist Dr Mike Stephenson, Ruth secured £120k funding from a group of private investors along with £12.5K worth of grants from Doncaster Council and has ambitious plans for the team following its launch. The business has also become a member of industry body, the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology.

Here, we chat to Ruth to find out a bit more about the new tech on the beauty scene…

Is good to glo aimed at beauty professionals or consumers?

Both! We were really keen on creating something that benefits and protects both the salons and the customers. Essentially, we’ve built a digital way of logging, storing and updating records as the industry was lacking a standardised method.

Professionals can follow individual manufacturers’ instructions for added safety and compliance, while having access to software to record, view and update records. Plus, there’s an additional dashboard they can use to access scientifically-backed training.

Meanwhile, consumers can download the app to store and access their results, allowing them freedom to safely undertake various treatments.

Tell us more about the training opportunities

The beauty industry is incredibly complex, yet it’s not regulated. It’s up to beauty professionals to keep on top of their own learning and unfortunately, we regularly see stories in the media of customers who’ve suffered reactions, or worse, due to beauty treatments which haven’t been properly administered.

With our training modules, which have been written by Dr Mike Stephenson, we’re encouraging beauty professionals to really own their development.

The modules have been created to help maintain standards and to help professionals truly understand the uses and effects of the various chemicals and allergens in use. Subjects include ‘How to Stay Compliant’, ‘Safe Hair Treatments’ and ‘Hazardous Chemicals and Allergic Reactions’, ensuring that beauty professionals are in the know of the products they are using on customers, adding extra peace of mind for those who use their services

What does the industry say?

We’ve been really pleased with feedback from the industry so far; everyone has been really welcoming and ready to embrace us.

Rebecca Crawforth, owner of beauty tools company Navy Professional, said: “Ruth’s passion and love for the beauty industry is infectious. I have no doubt good to glo will be a huge success and it’s been a genuine pleasure seeing her innovative idea come to life. The team at good to glo are so inspirational; it’s going to be a brilliant way for beauty professionals to run their businesses to the highest standards, with ease.”

ABT's Director, David Horton says: "It has been an absolute delight working with the good to glo team. From the very beginning, ABT recognised the importance of this superb and innovative software.

'Not only does good to glo’s software revolutionise how salons and therapists perform, monitor and report their patch tests whilst simplifying and creating community, it also offers exceptional value for money. Without great quality, it’s doesn’t matter what something costs, however in the world of litigation we all find ourselves in, getting it right, as with your insurance provider, is an absolute must and good to glo certainly ticks this box.

“ABT is proud to be an early adopter and supporter for good to glo.”

“The new way of patch testing” a salon must have for making the beauty industry evolve and making the beauty industry we work in move with the times and become more effective for change. I have implemented into my salon and it’s made such a difference ”

Jennifer Evens Salon Owner and educator- Derby

The good to glo consumer app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play and beauty professionals can sign up to the salon portal via

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