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Get your Brow Business started

By Flirties

Brow enhancements have become more and more popular and nowadays there are hardly any therapists who don't offer one brow treatment or the other - either alone or as an add on. If you want a treatment that compliments your lash or other beauty business then have a look at a brow treatment as more and more clients ask for this! We have listed the most popular brow enhancements below to help you understand the difference between the treatments but please remember that you can also combine the treatments to create the ultimate brow! TINTING Lash and brow tinting is such an easy treatment and is often seen as an add on BUT it is an essential part to any lash & brow business. Lash tinting can give fantastic results but as we are focusing on brows it is worth mentioning that the tint can make or break a good brow design. Not only can you match your clients natural brow colour by mixing the perfect paste but you can also stain the skin which is a very valuable characteristic when it comes to precision brow design no matter whether you offer this on its own or as part of the brow lamination

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