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The entire sales landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade. As a result, businesses are seeking new strategies and shifting sales models: pushing for streamlined internal sales processes which require significant changes to roles, skills, technology and organisational structure.

Businesses, and individuals, that learn to thrive in this rapidly changing and dynamic environment can grasp the huge opportunity to dynamically respond to changing customer requirements. Customer centric and internally aligned sales and service models lead the way for a new approach to selling, which genuinely supports customers to purchase products aligned to their needs - increasing trust, loyalty and revenue.

This course has been designed for sales staff at all levels to help you understand, respond and thrive under modern and dynamic sales models. The course covers key concepts vital to understanding and implementing processes which drive competitor advantage and increase market share. The information presented is supported by practical examples, templates and opportunities to develop and practice the skills, aptitudes and concepts needed to successfully sell to today’s savvy consumer in saturated global markets.

The skills, tools and knowledge contained in this course will take you through the essential knowledge, psychology, practical steps and personal development needed to optimise your sales opportunities and convert leads into sales. Worksheets, quizzes, tests and interactive exercises are provided to reinforce and aid your learning.

What you will learn:

  • How sales and service roles have changed and the immense opportunities this presents

  • How to support and manage internet savvy and highly informed modern consumers

  • Why sales people need to reframe products and services as solutions to customer problems

  • How to use effective questioning to qualify leads and gather vital information about needs

  • How to direct the buying journey and successfully input at each stage

  • Simple techniques for resolving objections and ensuring the prospect is ready to close

  • How and why gaining trust is so vital under the influence of social media

  • The concepts of lead scoring and how it is used to optimise effort and maximise profitability

Convert Enquiries into Bookings Certificate - $90 USD

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