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By: Tussanee Luebbers

Co-host of LashCast, Co-Founder of the LASHCONference

Cutting-edge news! What’s this with the Robot Spa? Is it a Yay or a Nay?

Lash Robot Yay! Or Lash Robot Nay?

It was just recently when the internet was abuzz with video images of what looked like a mechanical application of lash extensions by a machine without human hands or tweezers in sight. This image of a robot putting on lashes unleashed a torrent of questions and sparked concerned interest in many a lash circle. How can it possibly be safe? How could you trust a machine to isolate? What happens when the client moves? Is this a threat to our industry? Could our skills be replaced? Could our loyal clients be tempted by electrified nuts and bolts?

As with any new technology, there’s a lot of fear and uncertainty, to be sure.

This article is a quick fly-by explanation of what’s going on. In the next issue, we’ll go into a deeper dive, but for now, I’ll address some of the biggest concerns and answer some questions that have initially come up.

How can it be safe? I’ve seen questions like what happens when the client moves or sneezes? What happens if they need to use the restroom? The wands look like they can stab people in the eye.

It is safe. It was designed to be safe. We all know that a lash extension is very light. It does not require much force or strength to pick it up and handle it. The prongs that isolate the lashes are very light - like the weight of a straw, and they are attached with a pillow magnet that dislodges with the slightest obstruction or touch. If there’s a sudden movement by the client - the prongs will simply safely detach. The process can be instantly stopped at any time if the client has any pressing need to get out of the chair.

Is my career on the line? Will this technology replace my skills?

No. There’s plenty of room for new technology and for lash artists to work together. This advancement Luum Lash has developed is a novel approach to getting lashes. It will expand the market because they hope to deliver lash extensions in a shorter amount of time, which will be attractive to many who normally wouldn’t want to have lashes due to the long appointment times.

Will this technology replace my skills?

No. Every skill you have developed and honed as a lash artist is relevant and vital. The Luum technology is a combination of robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. It’s precise, and it’s safe, but it’s not warm or living. It cannot connect the way you can with clients. It is a fantastic new tool. It has the ability to do the brunt of our work safely and quickly, but it’s only one part of the experience. What it can’t do is connect with clients and translate care and expertise. Luum needs experienced and skilled lash artists who have customer service skills and artistic lash know how to provide a new way for clients to get lashes.

While change is always tricky and can be unsettling, I want to encourage you to be curious and open to change. In life, there’s always going to be progress and innovation. The best thing to do is to embrace and adapt to it. This technology has the ability to expand our industry by introducing more people to the wonders of lashes. You know that once bitten by the lash bug, it’s hard to go back to naked lashes, so anything that expands the market and gets people to try what we offer is good for us. It can provide more demand for exactly what we do. It won’t replace your skills - the Luum technology is simply a new tool. It looks a little different from what our industry is used to, yet the skills you’ve cultivated remain essential.


The views in this article are the views of Tussanee Luebbers and not necessarily the views of Lash Inc or any of its representatives.

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