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New Lash Educator Hacks

Despite the lure of an additional income stream for a Lash Artist, having an education business is not an easy option. I am generalising on what needs to be done to start your Lash Educator career, as it does vary a little from country to country. But here are some of the things you will need to think about. * Licencing (Is licencing required in your country or state)

* Lash Qualifications - Are your qualifications recognised to become an educator (un-accredited courses may not be). * Lash Educator Qualification / Educator Qualification (You don't need a specific lash educator qualification a general adult educator / teacher training course is also suitable) * Accreditation of your academy and courses (in person and online) . Insurance of your academy. * Marketing. Seems there is a lot to think about, but we have a solution for you to make things a whole lot easier. The Complete Lash Educator Package

The Complete Lash Educator Package Includes:

1) Online Educator Training Course & certification (Become a qualified educator)

2) Classic, Volume & Lash Lift / Lamination Pre-written Manuals (Downloadable PDFs) to use (1 year licence)

Bonus manuals - Mega Volume, Tinting, Health & Safety, Eyelash Diseases and Disorders, History of Lash Extensions.

3) Academy Accreditation (Multiple Courses) 4) Recommendations and introductions to insurance providers ** Complete support included as standard. ** You can pay in full or weekly instalments. Bonus: Find out before you sign up if you can get a FREE upgrade to become an Official Lash Inc Academy. Should you become an academy you will get regular promotion on our social media channels @lashinc @lashinc_association @lashinc_Academy A complete solution in this package. Any questions please ask Happy Teaching.

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