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Lash Competitions

When entering the world of eyelash extensions. You will at some point come across an online lash competition. They can seem quite scary and overwhelming when you first discover them. Initially you wonder whether your good enough, how do you enter, what do I win. There are so many questions. As the Co-Organiser of the Opal Beauty Games and an avid lash competitor myself I thought I could answer all the questions so you can make an informed decision.

I personally love entering lash competitions for many reasons. I believe as a lash artist it really makes us analyse our sets of lashes and in the long run makes us better lash artists. Entering also allows you to socialise and meet other amazing lash technicians, as most lash artists work alone this is great to build a small community of support around you. You will also receive amazing feedback from most competitions from the judges giving you helpful and priceless tips from the industries leading trainers and artists. There are options for live competitions to compete in person but I highly recommend experiencing an online competition first.

Things to consider when entering an online lash competition:


Firstly you want to check the categories are available to take part in. The usual categories are Classic, Volume and Lash lift. Some competitions add a premade category which is currently very popular. They may also be a fantasy category, this will usually consist of a theme you will need to follow. My advice is to look over the fantasy theme and criteria and really dedicate a whole day if not two to create your amazing look. There may also be a grand prix prize for the entrant with the most points. You may want to enter all the available categories to gain as many points but only do this is you have enough time to dedicate to each set.


Each competition will issue their own criteria for what they will be asking the judges to look for a judge. This could be things such as:

Symmetry- is the set symmetrical across both eyes.

Direction- are all the lashes in the right direction for the set and correcting a wide set eye shape or a closed eye shape.

Glue usage- Have you used the correct amount of glue? Is there glue visible on the skin that should not be there?

This is to list just a few. Each competition will have their own criteria to focus on.

Your model

When choosing your model I personally opt for someone I am comfortable with. Someone that will give me the time a patience to complete the lashes and take photographs. The last thing you need is a client who can’t keep her eyes shut or needs the bathroom every 10 minutes. It is better choose someone with symmetrical eyes if possible and not too many lashes to make your life easier.

Lashes and styling

You will need to decide the best styling and lashes for your model. I recommend taking a full-face photograph of your model straight on and draw out some styling options. You may also want to get them in for a trial run to practice and make sure the styling is right. In regard to lashes shorter lengths are more suitable. Taking your inners and outers to 5, 6 or 7mm is ideal. If you have a blonde client, you may want to opt for brown lashes to stand out against other entries.

Take your time

Plan out the best time for your and your model to give yourself enough time to complete your entry and be happy. I personally recommend 4 hours plus, maybe even all day in some cases. Make sure you take regular breaks for you and your model and plenty of snacks on hand.


Check the photo requirements that are being requested from you. Some may ask for a full face before and after, both eyes close up and a beauty shot. Some may as for more so really make sure you check before your start. Make sure all your photos are focussed and not blurry as the judges will be zooming in. If they ask for a beauty shot this can be any image of your choice, pick something that is going to blow the judges away and really stand out. Photographs should be unedited and filter to show off your work clearly.

Checking your submission and entering on time

Once you have completed your entry and had a bit of a break (as lashing for that length of time is exhausting) check over your submission and your images and work out what you will be sending in. Double check there are no forms to submit or that they don’t require styling information. Get your entry in and submitted on time and relax! Make sure you set a reminder in your calendar to tune in for the results.

Finally, be proud of what you have achieved. You have had confidence in yourself and pushed yourself out of you comfort zone for even just considering entering. Not only that you will create some amazing content to post on your social media and will have really worked on your skills and can provide a better treatment for your clients. But most of all make sure you have had fun and been creative. Entering is all about you and really creating your vision so do not compare yourself to others.

If you are interested in competing in an online lash competition. More information can be found on our Instagram @opalbeautygames. Results will be announced live on World Lash Day 23rd October 2022 at the Lash and Brow Awards live event. Partnered with @lashinc @worldlashday and @lashandbrowawards

Elisha Clewlow

MD Indulge Urself

Co-Organiser Opal Beauty

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