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The Complete Lash Inc Academy

£1 800.00
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Would you like to increase your income and at the same time help others? Now is your time to raise up to the next level and start your own Lash Academy.

The Complete Lash Inc Academy Package

1: Educator Certificate Training (or refresher if qualified or you can nominate a staff member) (worth £510)

2: Educator Diploma Upgrade (worth £100)

3: Accreditation covering all courses and staff

(Worth £252)

4: Verification Certificate (for all students)

(Worth £60 per student, or £3000 if you have 50 students per year)

5: Manuals Licence - Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, Lash Lift & Tint, Henna Brows, Lamination and more... (Worth £2000)

6: Bonus Manuals - Health and safety, Eye diseases and disorders.

7: Marketing of your Academy on @lashinc_association @lashinc_academy social accounts (Priceless 💕)

8: Opportunity to write for Lash Inc International Magazine (Priceless 💕)

Everything you will need to start and successfully run a Lash School / Academy. With full ongoing support.

*Subject to approval, if we can can not approve you a prompt refund will be issued. 

The fee you pay is your set up fee including your first 12 month licence. After this you can choose which package you would like.

1) 10% of your students course fee or

2) £1200 per year to stay as a Lash Inc Academy using out accreditation, marketing etc…

Any questions please ask! 

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