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Post Lash Educator Course - How to Teach Lashes Online

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In recent years, the landscape of education has undergone a remarkable transformation, with eyelash extension educators embracing online platforms to impart their knowledge and skills. This chapter introduces the concept of online learning in the context of eyelash extension courses, highlighting its advantages and disadvantages in comparison to traditional in-person learning.

Additionally, we will provide an overview of how educators can effectively teach online eyelash extension courses while ensuring a seamless learning experience for their students.

In summary it will cover -
How to teach online, how learners learn online and how to assess and certificate online.

This course is a Continual Professional Development course to be taken after the Lash Educator course, which covers the essentials you need to know to teach online.

You will have access to this course and future updates.

** Please note this does not give you a certificate to teach **
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