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Additional Benefits:

9) Listing on Directory of Verified Lash Artists for up to 10 members of staff.
10) Listing on worth £50 for up to 10 members of staff. 
11) Expert Lashers Website Logo
12) Discounted member insurance (Certain countries)
13) Endorsed seal to use on your social media and website. 
14) Endorsed Certificate and Logo
15) Partner privileges as part of #teamlashinc such as exclusive team / partner annual conference event ticket. 

16) Regular sharing of your social media stories and posts.

17) Plus other opportunities as they arise. 

Endorsed companies follow our Code of Conduct.  Once you have reviewed this and agree to abide by it, you can apply below.


Apply by clicking on the button below, we will then send you the application form. Should we not be able to Endorse you we will promptly refund you. Annual fee £2445, minimum endorsement 12 months. 


Lash Inc - Lash Association 



Lash Inc Endorsed. 

Are you a training provider or lash brand?
Or are you an accredited academy? 


Being Lash Inc Endorsed is the highest level of approval by
Lash Inc. We will only endorse companies with the highest standards and levels of education, products and services


You will be send an application from to complete. An example of some of the questions you will be asked.

It will ask you questions with the aim to verify...


Your lash artists are certificated,
If you are a training company that your Educators are certificated
If you are a product company that your products conform to the standards to the country you are selling in.
That you comply to a code of conduct either from a lash accreditation body or your own company code which is of an acceptable standard.

You are against animal cruelty, this will require for you to agree with the statement that you do not use a supplier that sells real mink lashes.  

You will submit some evidence 


Benefits of being endorsed by Lash Inc.

1) The excellent PR opportunities that comes with aligning with a Lash Magazine. 

2) An extra level of trust that reassures customers they are dealing with an excellent brand.

3) Opportunity to write for at least one of our Lash Inc Magazine Editions as a regular contributor.

4) Company profile on our website.

5) Your logo as our sponsor on all our Editors / team Lash Inc events run by Lash Inc Ltd (Not applicable to events run by partnerships with other companies).  

6) Your logo as sponsor on all Lash Inc run competitions such as Lash Inc - Lash Artist of the Year Competition. 

7) Opportunity to have a re seller account with Lash Inc, to gain up commission on our training, accreditation, verification fees of people or companies you refer to us. 

8) E-shot to our mailing list, one per quarter. 



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